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Like colour gem stones, diamonds are available all types of fancy colours–hottest being yellow. Whereas colorless diamonds are the standard selection, the second hottest choice for diamond heart stones is a yellow diamond.

How Do Diamonds Get Their Colour?

Technically talking, there’s a distinction between yellow-hued diamonds and fancy yellow diamonds.

Diamonds are graded on a colour scale that ranges from D-Z, D being completely colorless whereas  the grades of ‘U’ via ‘Z’ give off a faint/mild look. After it passes the ‘Z’ colour grade it strikes into the flowery colour grading system which matches on this order based mostly on the extent of saturation; fancy mild, fancy, fancy intense, fancy vivid.

So how do these diamonds get their colour? In the course of the diamond’s formation course of, both within the Earth or in a lab, hint parts of nitrogen are launched to the diamond’s crystalline construction which absorbs the blue mild and provides the gemstone its new hue. Relying on how the nitrogen attaches to the crystalline lattice will decide the saturation of the diamond.

Yellow diamonds are in actual fact extra uncommon than colorless diamonds nevertheless that doesn’t imply they’re all going to be costlier.  As a rule of thumb, fancy mild and fancy colour diamonds might be priced beneath a colorless diamond of comparable high quality/form/measurement whereas a elaborate intense or fancy vivid diamond might be above.  The rarity will increase exponentially as you attain the extreme/vivid colour vary which makes them promote at a excessive premium. 

Origin + Historical past

1 in each 10,000 mined diamonds has some variation of colour, making up solely 0.01% of all diamonds. Some nations are richer than others in colour diamonds, nevertheless yellow diamonds do not have a specific place they name residence; they are often found in varied places across the globe. Nonetheless, the very first yellow diamonds had been unearthed in Cape Province, nestled inside the lovely landscapes of South Africa. 

You may also discover these particular colour diamonds in South Africa, Russia, India, and Canada. They can be present in locations like Australia, Central Africa, Angola, Borneo, Brazil, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Sierra Leone as nicely.

Totally different Sorts of Yellow Diamonds 

Yellow diamonds are available a variety of charming hues, every providing its personal distinctive enchantment. Let’s discover the differing types:

Fancy Mild Yellow Diamonds: These diamonds boast a delicate, refined yellow tint, harking back to the tender glow of candlelight.

3.02 carat Spherical Sensible Diamond Three-Stone Ring

Fancy Yellow Diamonds: Shifting up the dimensions, Fancy diamonds exhibit a extra pronounced yellow hue, akin to the nice and cozy glow of a summer time dawn.

3.50 carat Asscher Lower Diamond Three-Stone Ring

Fancy Intense Yellow Diamonds: With a deeper, richer yellow colour, Fancy Intense diamonds radiate with an simple presence.

3.01 carat Fancy Intense Oval Diamond Three-Stone Ring

Fancy Deep Yellow Diamonds: Going even deeper in colour, Fancy Deep diamonds showcase a saturated and profound hue, harking back to ripe tropical fruits. They captivate with their intense saturation, symbolizing luxurious and class.

2.03 Carat Fancy Deep Pear Form Diamond Halo Ring

Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds: On the prime of the spectrum, Fancy Vivid diamonds dazzle with an electrifying hue.

2.56 carat Fancy Vivid Marquise Lab Diamond Ring

Fancy Darkish Yellow Diamonds: These diamonds boast a daring and intense colour, akin to the richness of a sun-kissed sundown. 

Is Your Colour Diamond Actual? 

At Lauren B, we use two grading laboratories to grade our colour diamonds: the Gemological Institute of America , or GIA, and the Worldwide Gemological Institute, or IGI. All of our colour diamonds include certification and a grading report.

Lauren B Yellow Diamond Rings

Try a few of our favourite yellow diamond engagement rings and wedding ceremony bands from our stock!

3.32 carat Cushion Diamond Seven-Stone Ring

5 carat Fancy Elongated Radiant Diamond Seven-Stone Ring

4.41 carat Cushion Lower Diamond Three-Stone Ring

Oval Form Alternating Diamond Eternity Band

4.78 carat Radiant Lower Diamond Eternity Band

6.48 Carat Asscher Lower Diamond Bezel Eternity Band

Wrapping Up

At Lauren B, we’re proud to supply a shocking array of yellow diamonds in our showroom. Our group of design consultants is right here to information you thru each step of the method, from deciding on the proper stone to designing a customized engagement ring that displays your distinctive fashion and persona. You may also take a look at a few of our favourite colour diamond ring inspo on our Pinterest.

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