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FLOWER CARE: 5 Ideas + Tips to Preserve Your Flowers Recent!

Whether or not it’s for a marriage or in your dwelling, flowers require

slightly love in order that they will have a protracted life!

Listed below are my prime 5 ideas for preserving flowers contemporary longer:

  1. WATER: That is crucial issue to flower care!

    • Water Degree: Flowers drink water and have to have stems submerged in water. Ensure that all stems are in water! Test water degree day by day.

    • Water Temperature: Most flowers like heat/sizzling water. That’s proper…not chilly!

    • Water Freshness: Similar to you, flowers like clear water. As they decay, the water will get soiled. Change water each 1-2 days. Add flower preservatives or 1-3 drops of bleach to maintain water clear longer. Keep in mind, heat/sizzling water!

  2. TEMPERATURE: Scorching water + cool environments.

    • As talked about above, flowers want the warmest faucet water (not boiling) with each water change.

    • Preserve out of direct daylight or warmth. Cool, shaded environments are finest.

  3. RE-CUT STEMS: Give them a trim!

    • The shorter the flower is, the longer it’s going to final.

    • With each water change, lower flower stem about 1/4” at an angle!

  4. PICK LONG LASTING FLOWERS: Each flower has a distinct life span.

    • Brief Life: anemones, irises, inventory

    • Lengthy Life: daisies, carnations, greenery, filler flowers, lilies

    • Hydrangeas, roses and peonies are someplace within the center!

  5. KNOW YOUR FLOWER: Each flower requires totally different care!

    • Hydrangea: These large beauties are temperamental. After they begin to wilt, instantly re-cut and place in sizzling water to revive.

    • Roses: Brief roses final very lengthy! Strip the leaves and thorns and place in sizzling water.

    • Tulips: They develop! They’ll proceed to develop and transfer as they blow open. Flower temperature needs to be heat and never sizzling.

    When unsure, simply ask me! Electronic mail me at for particular questions!

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