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We have been excited to seek out out that one of many largest and most trusted diamond retailers, James Allen began promoting lab-created diamonds, which may value 30% lower than earth-created diamonds. To place that in perspective, the typical engagement ring value was $8,000 in 2018. Utilizing a lab-created diamond would make that very same ring $5,600! That’s $2,400 further to spend on a bigger carat measurement, put towards your marriage ceremony, or within the financial institution!

What’s so thrilling about lab-grown diamonds? Right here’s what needed to say:

“These diamonds are optically and chemically equivalent to earth created diamonds and keep away from

the moral issues some patrons have with shopping for earth mined diamonds. The flicker is similar – the core distinction between them is their origin. ”

Are lab-created diamonds the identical as artificial diamonds?

In accordance the location, they’re NOT. Artificial diamonds, just like the cubic zirconia, “are made of various supplies than earth-created and lab-created diamonds” and you may inform. Apparently there isn’t a option to distinguish a lab-created diamond from a “actual” earth-created diamond, even with an expert magnifying glass (or loupe).

Let’s break this down:


The diamonds are optically equivalent to earth-created diamonds. This implies that you may’t inform the distinction between the 2 with your personal eyes…even beneath magnification! The diamonds will sparkle and replicate gentle similar to every other diamond on the market.


The diamonds are chemically equivalent to earth-created diamonds and are NOT artificial diamonds. Which means that these stones aren’t cubic zirconia… they aren’t moissanite. They’re actual DIAMONDS!  The well-known time period “a diamond will final eternally” will nonetheless maintain true as these are the identical chemically and bodily the identical as diamonds that come out of the bottom.


One other bonus: There’s no moral issues when shopping for lab-created diamonds. We all know precisely the place these diamonds come from. No blood diamonds, no funding battle lords, and so on.

This can be a very thrilling growth within the engagement ring business. There have all the time been diamond alternate options on the market, however one thing nonetheless felt off for a lot of who have been contemplating going this route. With lab-created diamonds, every part is strictly the identical and nobody (besides your reminiscence..and your pockets) will be capable of inform the distinction.

What’s the draw back? If any, it’d our affiliation of earth-mined diamonds being made by mom nature—that in itself is particular in our minds. That being mentioned, we all know earth-mined diamonds have their downsides (e.g. the potential of being unethically mined, the associated fee, the teeny tiny inclusions you must be careful for).

To us, it’s type of like shopping for a Rolex that was made in Switzerland vs. made in Germany. A Rolex from Switzerland is absolutely the authentic, but when Rolex have been to begin making watches in Germany, would it not actually make a distinction in the event that they have been precisely the identical?

The selection is yours, so take a look at some examples under and see what works finest for you and your SO!

Browse Lab-Created Diamonds by James Allen

Browse Lab-Created Diamonds by James Allen

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