Why Would not God Reply My Prayers?

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God needs to save lots of everybody, however He additionally would not drive anybody. That’s what I’ve been taught all my Christian life. However Saul was so in opposition to every little thing round Christianity, however God met him and saved him. He had this expertise and have become Paul. Nevertheless, Judas was with Jesus and but He misplaced his life.

My husband claims that he’s a real believer, he helps ministries overseas and he’s diligent about praying with individuals. He has the religion that when he prays individuals get healed. He prays and God solutions my husband’s prayers virtually each time.

Right here I’m praying for the previous couple of years and nothing? I’m turning into the imply one and really feel like I act like my very own abuser. I may need not prayed persistently or earnestly however I did pray. Why do I not see God change my husband like he did Paul?

Reply: First, I’m sorry you’re experiencing heartache, not solely in your marriage but additionally in your relationship with God. You gave no particulars as to what you meant if you stated you had been beginning to act like your abuser. You additionally didn’t share something your husband was or was not doing to you that appeared like abuse. Nevertheless, your query about unanswered prayer has benefit and is a continuously requested query in a single type or one other.

We consider God can do all issues. He saved Saul, who was a murderous blasphemer, so why doesn’t he save or (change) your husband? You might be right in remembering that Judas nonetheless went and betrayed Jesus, regardless that Jesus talked with him about what he was about to do. Does the end result of those two conditions imply God didn’t need Judas saved? No, God is unwilling that any ought to perish (2 Peter 3:9). Jesus spoke to Judas about his sin, simply as Jesus spoke to Saul.  

The distinction is that Saul listened to Jesus’ phrases “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me.” However he didn’t simply pay attention. Judas too “heard” what Jesus stated within the higher room throughout the Final Supper. However Saul mirrored on Jesus’ phrases, took them to coronary heart, and repented of his actions and flawed beliefs. Judas didn’t.

Saul’s subsequent steps ahead demonstrated he repented as a result of he stopped persecuting Christians, went to Damascus to be baptized by Ananias, after which went to Arabia

for 3 years to be personally discipled by God (Acts 9). After that, he submitted himself to the recognized Christian apostles. Saul understood that they’d be suspicious of him. The one who was the blasphemer is now a Christian? Incredulous. But Paul (Saul) proved himself to be a reliable and real convert to Christianity and have become one of many early church leaders. 

When Jesus spoke from the heavens, it’s essential you perceive Saul all the time had a selection. (God by no means violates our free will). Saul might bow his knee earlier than Jesus and repent or proceed to consider his personal model of actuality. That’s the similar selection all of us have. That was the identical selection Judas had. God didn’t make Saul convert or confess. He invited him to. The remainder was Saul’s selection. 

Pal, how are you aware that your prayers aren’t being answered? Simply since you don’t see the end result you need, doesn’t imply God isn’t chatting with your husband. God could also be whispering, shouting, utilizing others in his life, or creating circumstances to ask him into repentance or deeper reality. But when God doesn’t reply your prayers such as you need him to, what occurs to you? To your feelings, your coronary heart, and your personal relationship with God? You stated you don’t like the girl you’re turning into. What do you need to do with that? God is not only chatting with your partner; he’s additionally chatting with you. Are you listening? 

You requested why his prayers appear to “work” and yours don’t. I don’t know the reply to that. We’re instructed a number of issues hinder our prayers. Firstly is our personal unconfessed and unrepentant sin. (Isaiah 59:9, Psalm 66:18; Proverbs 28:9, James 4:3, Matthew 18:23-25). For instance, James 5:16,17 reminds us that the fervent prayers of a righteous individual are efficient (Even when we don’t like or can’t see the end result. No remains to be a solution). The Bible additionally warns a husband that his prayers are hindered when he treats his spouse harshly (1 Peter 3:7).

One more reason prayers could also be hindered is the cosmic battle between good and evil. Paul tells us that we’re at struggle and that we have to put the entire armor of God on to combat this struggle (Ephesians 6:10-18, 2 Corinthians 10:3,4). 

Woman, you’re in an actual battle, not simply to your marriage or to your husband but additionally for you. Your most necessary relationship isn’t together with your husband, it’s together with your God. God loves you and hears your prayers. He needs your relationship with Him to be your #1 precedence, not your relationship together with your partner. It appears from what you wrote that your disappointment together with your marriage and God not altering your husband to be the person you need him to be has poisoned your love and belief in God. When that occurs, Devil wins. Don’t let that occur. 

Pal, when your prayers don’t get answered in the best way you hoped, how do you deal with your disappointment?

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