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An Evolutionary Psychology Perspective — Heartfelt Counseling

A major idea that always surfaces in remedy is the concept of “triggers” in relationships. These triggers, which evoke reactions comparable to struggle, flight, freeze, or fawn, are deeply rooted in our evolutionary previous. They have been important for our ancestors’ survival however could be detrimental in trendy romantic relationships. I’m going to be analyzing these triggers, drawing insights from Relational Life Remedy by Terrence Actual and Emotionally Targeted Remedy (EFT) by Susan Johnson.

The 4 main triggers – struggle, flight, freeze, and fawn – have been important survival mechanisms for early people. They’re a part of our innate response system to perceived threats:

  1. Battle: Confronting the menace aggressively.

  2. Flight: Escaping from the hazard.

  3. Freeze: Staying immobile to keep away from detection.

  4. Fawn: Trying to please or placate the menace to keep away from battle. See my put up on Fawning.

These responses are hardwired into our brains, forming a part of the limbic system’s speedy response pathway. In prehistoric occasions, these responses have been typically life-saving.

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