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The April Birthstone: Uncover Diamond

Diamonds aren’t solely everybody’s finest pal, they’re additionally April’s birthstone. The toughest gemstone round, diamonds are a real marvel. Pure or lab grown, these beauties look good on everybody, for all the pieces. Put on them each day, costume up these sweats or pair them completely for a chic occasion. Regardless of the event, no matter your type, put on diamonds and sparkle like the celebs.

April Birthstone CoverApril Birthstone Cover

What Is the April Birthstone?

April’s birthstone is the dazzling diamond. That’s proper, diamonds are a birthstone! Diamonds are historically identified by their colorless selection, nevertheless there are additionally lovely fancy coloured diamonds.

Model Wearing Diamond JewelryModel Wearing Diamond Jewelry

The Symbolism and Which means of Diamond

Historical Romans believed for those who have been hit by Cupid’s arrow, tipped after all with the dazzling gemstone, your love can be unbreakable. Whereas others, together with sources in Hinduism, affiliate diamonds with magnificence and happiness. It’s no marvel diamonds are historically used for engagement rings, wedding ceremony rings, and are given on a number of anniversaries. Have a good time your love with the gemstone representing love.

Different advantages regarded as related to April’s birthstone are good vitality, good well being, each psychological and bodily, and even ridding the physique of poisons. Nonetheless others imagine that diamonds’ skills go as far as to be an antidote to poison.

What Shade is the April Birthstone?

Diamonds are a real marvel as they’re accessible in each colorless and fancy coloured choices. Colorless diamonds refers to a diamond’s lack of hue, which means the extra shade or yellowing it has, the much less fascinating it’s. These diamonds are measured on a scale of D to Z, D being probably the most colorless, and due to this fact probably the most fascinating possibility.

Colorless Diamond Grading ScaleColorless Diamond Grading Scale

Whereas with fancy coloured diamonds, they’re accessible in a rainbow of colours and the stronger the hue, the extra fascinating it’s. These diamonds are graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and these grades are based mostly on tone, hue, and saturation.

Fancy Colored Diamond HuesFancy Colored Diamond Hues

A Transient Historical past of the April Birthstone

Beloved for generations, diamonds have an extremely lengthy historical past. The truth is, it’s believed some historical civilizations thought diamonds to be lightning materialized on earth.

It’s believed that diamonds have been traded as early because the 4th century BCE, as they have been wanted by royalty and the elite. Courting again to the Mongols, diamonds have been well-liked in India, the place they have been simply mined on the time. Persevering with to the 1400s, diamonds continued to be a favourite for the higher class.

Because the diamond provide in India dwindled, the gemstone was found in Brazil and finally, South Africa within the late 1860s, the beginning of the modern-day diamond market.

Understanding Diamond’s Sensitivity and Fragility

Moh ScaleMoh Scale

Diamonds are the toughest gemstone round, a key a part of their worth. Ranking on the high of the Mohs Hardness Scale, diamonds get their sturdiness due to their atomic construction. Being fabricated from pure carbon, diamonds are so robust they will solely be scratched by different diamonds. It’s this power that makes them extremely well-liked, notably for engagement rings.

Sensible Suggestions for Cleansing and Preserving Diamond Jewellery

How To Clean Jewelry 1How To Clean Jewelry 1

Regardless of whenever you have been born, you will need to correctly care on your diamond jewellery

Comply with these tricks to shield your April birthstone jewellery.

  • Retailer your diamond jewellery individually, ideally of their unique packaging reminiscent of comfortable jewellery luggage or packing containers.
  • Keep away from excessive temperatures, notably intense warmth and powerful mild.
  • Take away your jewellery in conditions such because the seaside, chlorinated swimming pools, the health club, showering, cleansing, when coping with lotions and make-up.

Comply with these tricks to clear your April birthstone.

  • Fill a bowl with heat water and gentle cleaning soap. 
  • Enable the jewellery to soak.
  • Then use a soft-bristle brush to softly take away any dust.
  • Rinse clear with water and air dry.

What Are the Different April Birthstones?

Similar to most months of the yr, April has a couple of birthstone. Along with the dazzling diamond, white topaz and clear quartz, which have visible similarities to colorless diamonds, are additionally birthstones for April.


What makes diamonds particular as April’s birthstone?

Diamonds are particular due to their power, their which means, and their common reputation. This gemstone has lengthy been the standard stone for engagement rings, wedding ceremony rings, tennis bracelets, and different timeless items of high quality jewellery.

What are the traits of diamonds? 

Diamonds are graded by traits generally known as the 4Cs: lower, shade, readability, and carat weight. Minimize refers to a diamonds aspects, angels, and proportions. Shade refers back to the lack of shade, or colorlessness of a diamond. Readability refers to an absence of inclusions, how clear is the diamond. And carat weight refers back to the dimension of the diamond.

What are the assorted shapes and cuts of diamonds accessible?

Whereas these phrases are used interchangeably, a diamond’s form refers to its general type. Assume oval, coronary heart, spherical, or emerald. A diamond’s lower refers to its symmetry, proportions and polish.

Diamonds are available quite a lot of shapes and cuts. Spherical diamonds are extremely well-liked as they’re thought of to be universally flattering. Different beloved choices embody princess, cushion, emerald, marquise, oval, radiant, pear, and Asscher. And naturally, there are coronary heart formed diamonds.

What are conflict-free diamonds?

Battle-free diamonds are diamonds that weren’t obtained resulting from human rights abuses, civil conflict, baby labor, violence, or environmental degradation. At James Allen, we ensure that our clients obtain conflict-free diamonds. The truth is, our inner tips exceed authorities necessities. Once you store with us, you will be sure that your diamonds are coming from probably the most respected suppliers.


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