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Marriage Counseling

What if Devil Took Up Marriage Counseling?

It seems like a loopy query, however pause to consider it for a second. What sort of issues would he say to you?

Ryan: Selena, I’ve a loopy query for you and for our expensive listeners and viewers right now. And it’s this. Now, please don’t simply dismiss me proper off. However what if Devil took up marriage counseling? What would he say? What sort of issues would he need the {couples} that he’s counseling to consider unto his nefarious ends? I feel it’s one thing value contemplating.

Now, this isn’t one thing that we considered. Really, we’re gonna learn via a really properly put collectively… Properly, we’re gonna learn elements of a weblog publish. We’re gonna speak about it. It’s put collectively by a gentleman named Tim Challies. He’s a blogger, pastor, author. I belief his theology. So he’s opened up some distinctive factors of dialog for us. And we’re gonna do the identical factor for you on the opposite facet.


Ryan: Whats up. Whats up. Greetings and welcome to the Fierce Marriage Podcast. Our expensive listeners, should you’re a long-time listener, welcome again. It’s good to have you ever. If you happen to’re new, good to satisfy you.

Selena: Howdy and howdy.

Ryan: Howdy and howdy. [both laughs]. I’m feeling additional relaxed proper now. I’m feeling festive.

Selena: That’s humorous. I’m feeling a little bit bit wound up right here. [Laughs]. There’s extra occurring behind the scenes, but-

Ryan: There’s rather a lot occurring.

Selena: Yeah. So I used to be scrolling on the gram, you understand, you understand how I be generally and-

Ryan: Individuals don’t suppose it’d be like it’s.

Selena: A good friend posted this in her tales and I needed to go learn it as a result of, you understand, in fact, it’s simply this clickbait of like, If Devil took up marriage counseling, dot, dot, dot. And I used to be like, Oh, let’s examine that out. Save that-

Ryan: Which is why-

Selena: …in my Fierce Marriage matters folder.

Ryan: Which is why we use that clickbait title to titillate you on the opposite facet.

Selena: Outdated Timmy Challies. Outdated Timmy. He’s simply rocking and rolling.

Ryan: Had you ever heard of Tim Challies earlier than?

Selena: Sure, I had.

Ryan: Okay. Okay. Since you had been like, “I don’t know who wrote this?” And then you definately advised me.

Selena: No, I do know him, however I don’t learn loads of his stuff.

Ryan: Received you.

Selena: Anyhow, he wrote this complete article. They posted just a few slides about it. We’re not going to learn the entire article, though I might encourage you to do this. We are able to in all probability publish the hyperlink within the notes. But it surely’s in all probability a three-minute learn, four-minute learn. He’s simply, you understand, deconstructing all of those concepts of, you understand, marriage being one thing that man got here up with, and so due to this fact, you may take it aside. It will probably look nonetheless you need it to look, and it’s the place intercourse goes to die. It’s the place males relinquish their headship and girls simply turn into upset and so they begin disrespecting them as a result of they don’t deserve the respect. They’re not appearing prefer it, you understand?

It’s so fascinating to only hear this narrative that he comes up with. So we thought we’d learn just a few of the paragraphs and simply focus on them with one another and with you all right here.

Ryan: The primary factor I would like our listeners, viewers to remove from this and us is, okay, we’re opening our eyes to a few of the lies that possibly we’ve come to consider and have been normalized in our tradition. We’re opening our eyes to these, however even I feel extra essential than that’s to behold the sweetness and surprise of this excellent factor that God has given us known as marriage.

You might expect that from folks like us for, otherwise you may be anticipating me to say that and to suppose that, however let me simply inform you that we’ve been doing this for a decade now. It’ll be a decade this upcoming… properly truly, no, it’ll be 11 years this coming January.

However I can inform you that it’s solely gotten extra stunning the extra I’ve understood it. And I feel that’s the key. I received’t say the important thing. It’s a essential a part of having a flourishing marriage is beholding marriage as God beholds it. So after we try this, after we learn scripture and we perceive God’s covenantal character, we perceive how love is a part of God’s character, He’s the definition, and – what’s it? The enabler of the love that we share with anybody, however particularly in marriage. After we behold that, it dispels each one in all these lies. Wholesale.

In order that to me is the largest factor I wish to take away from this, is how massive and exquisite and great is that this factor known as marriage. It’s a present. And I feel after we see it as a present and an exquisite one at that, we wish to combat for what is sweet, proper, stunning, and true.

Selena: It’s true. We’ll speak about that. We’ll sort of finish it with that. As a result of it simply ties it up. He does such a terrific job. So first paragraph. We’re going to sort of learn via actual fast. That is Tim Challies. He writes, “If Devil took up marriage counseling, he would need folks to consider that marriage was invented by human beings, both for causes associated to humanity’s evolutionary origins or associated to males’s want to regulate and dominate ladies. He would need folks to consider that as a result of marriage got here from inside this world quite, it under no circumstances displays any sort of divine design for human beings or human society. This makes it not solely pointless however presumably dangerous and oppressive.”

Ryan: Wow. Wow. In just some sentences, he’s unearthed all the sort of cultural paradigms of our day, the humanism side, that someway marriage is… it’s not an absolute establishment. It’s a relative. It advanced as a result of humanity advanced and it simply was the way in which that labored. That’s a really humanist perspective.

Selena: Proper.

Ryan: It’s not being put upon us, it sort of welled up from inside us, and due to this fact we will do no matter we would like with this factor that we primarily got here up with. Properly-

Selena: Proper. Scripture says in any other case. [laughs]

Ryan: Right here’s the factor. All through all these lies, we don’t essentially suppose in our acutely aware minds, I can do what I would like in marriage. Now some would go that far, however I feel Christians particularly, most probably Christian professing Christian on this, should you’re watching or listening to this, we don’t say that overtly as a result of, you understand, that’s not a part of our vernacular, however we consider it. We consider that marriage is something… It’s not covenantal. It’s-

Selena: It’s extra contractual. We deal with it extra contractually in our tendencies after we get lazy and the way we take care of each other, in our communication and the way we prioritize each other, how we spend our cash. Our beliefs will come to gentle via these totally different avenues.

Ryan: Yeah. Properly, when it’s time to forgive, when you may have been severely sinned towards, or when it’s time to miss, you understand, a quirk or an offense, or when the affectionate emotions of affection are few and much between, properly, then you definately begin questioning why is marriage even precious? If that’s what offers worth to your marriage, yeah, that worth goes to… it’s going to be just like the Dow industrial common. It’s going to go up and down with no matter’s occurring in society or in your life. However that’s not what marriage… Marriage is externally precious as a result of God has assigned the worth. And that worth is fastened.

One other factor that Tim is… a can he’s opening, I’ll say is that this. So we’ve humanism and now feminism. He stated that it has evolutionary origins, in fact. After which he relates that to the person’s want or males’s want to regulate and dominate ladies. That simply checks the feminist field.

Selena: Proper. Really in scripture, after we learn Genesis 3, it’s the girl who needs to dominate. It’s her need will likely be for the person, however he shall rule over her. So as soon as once more, you see the roots of fact being contradicted. You see feminism right here.

Ryan: Wow. I imply, the antithesis of feminism is mainly the mirror picture of what the ladies’s model of the autumn is. That means that they suppose that the person is simply attempting to regulate and dominate when in actuality they’re those which can be saying these issues by means with the intent of controlling and dominating. Now, there’s at all times the one-offs the place you may say, properly, take a look at this case or take a look at this case. And so what about isms, proper? Properly, no, the normative mannequin that we got in scripture is the antithesis to feminism. It’s humorous the factor that they’re decrying is the very habits they’re displaying.

Selena: Proper. It at all times is.

Ryan: It’s. Sorry. I went on a little bit tangent there, however it’s fascinating. But when you end up in a scenario the place you’re beginning to consider that that’s, you know-

Selena: Yeah, you can begin entertaining these ideas, you understand, simply scrolling and considering and questioning, you understand, Hey, is that this actually what marriage is for? If you happen to’re not clear on issues, the world’s on the market will begin that will help you make clear. Proper?

Ryan: Take into consideration how self-fulfilling and sabotaging it’s. Like if somebody ever advised you, Hey, you’re loopy, and also you stated, no, I’m not loopy. He’s like, that’s what loopy folks say. Otherwise you’re a liar. Properly, you’re simply saying that as a result of that’s what liars say. Otherwise you’re a controller and a dominator. So if that husband tries to do something, that’s simply what a controller does. He’s attempting to depart. He’s attempting to like. He’s attempting to be mild. He’s attempting no matter. You’re simply attempting to regulate me a way. Do you see how that occur? Anyway, it’s fascinating.

Selena: Yeah. Subsequent paragraph. It’s not the second, however we’re simply sort of leaping round right here. “If Devil took up marriage counseling, he would need folks to consider that marriage is the place intercourse goes to die quite than to thrive and {that a} lifetime of intercourse with one particular person could be nowhere close to as satisfying as fleeting moments of intercourse with a protracted succession of individuals. He would need them to be suspicious that to enter marriage is to accept sexual mediocrity quite than achievement. He would make sure that this message is so endlessly repeated in in style tradition that it turns into nearly a given.

Ryan: That is only a basic case of individuals marriages which have failed or haven’t flourished and saying that’s the norm. Now, there’s one factor to say that there’s a cultural sort of baseline that we’ve witnessed. There’s one other to say, like, that is the normative mannequin that God has given us.

So what I might do on this case as an example Tim’s level is I might say, discuss to some who’s been married for 50 years. They bought married of their 20s, they’re of their 70s and so they’ve had an excellent marriage. Measure that couple’s happiness after which discuss to the bachelor who has slept with numerous ladies over 50 years, discuss to the girl who’s slept with numerous males over 50 years, and take a look at the who’s going to be having a extra fulfilling intercourse life, proper? Who’s going to look again and say, oh man, I’ve had this… It is a backyard, a cornucopia of fruitfulness in our lives.

Selena: And it’s not simply because they’ve been married for 50 years, proper, it’s as a result of they’ve truly made an effort to… They’ve cultivated the backyard. They’ve watered the backyard. It’s not simply an computerized factor that occurs, proper? If you happen to consider that your intercourse life is simply one thing that ought to occur, then good friend, you want to reestablish a few of these beliefs and work out what’s going mistaken.

As a result of should you’re simply left to your defaults, intercourse shouldn’t be going to be thriving. It’ll really feel mediocre. It received’t be fulfilling. It’ll really feel empty and dutiful. Not that it doesn’t have these moments, however general the achievement and the flourishing that God designed it to be, all of that’s there. God has given it to you as a married couple. It’s a must to until the backyard, care for the land and care for that side of your relationship. It is not going to simply occur to you. So I feel that’s… After which he strikes into this subsequent level. Do you wish to learn that one?

Ryan: I used to be going to do that actual shortly.

Selena: Okay.

Ryan: So he talks about folks being suspicious to enter marriage as a result of they’re settling for sexual mediocrity.

Selena: Our tradition is so sexualized proper now.

Ryan: What a sophisticated approach to consider it. So this presupposes quite a lot of issues.

Selena: What a small approach to consider it.

Ryan: And Tim is doing this on function. So after we had been engaged, we had by no means been intimate up till our wedding ceremony evening. It by no means occurred to me that I’m settling for sexual mediocrity. What occurred to me was, I can’t wait to be one with this girl.

Selena: For my complete life.

Ryan: And I can’t wait to construct a life with this girl.

Selena: Versus, I’ve had any variety of… I’ve bedded any variety of ladies and I’m now evaluating you to them. The world is so successfully indifferent intercourse from emotional relationship.

Selena: Grow to be carnal and bodily.

Ryan: So that you’ve indifferent intercourse from the emotional. You’ve additionally indifferent intercourse from the bodily via contraception and thru abortion and thru any… you understand, simply the mentality that goes into that. So what a sophisticated approach to consider this. After all, the satan could be all concerning the worldliest approach to consider these items.

Let me learn the subsequent one. “If Devil took up marriage counseling, he would need folks to consider that youngsters are a hindrance to a cheerful marriage quite than a blessing to it and that individuals are happiest when dedicating themselves completely to themselves quite than to others. And in the event that they nonetheless insisted on having youngsters, he would need them to think about these youngsters as a way of life selection, as a sort of prop for use to boost a guardian’s sense of private satisfaction.”

Selena: What do you name these those that dinks?

Ryan: Oh my goodness. What a becoming title. I get it. Like we had been twin revenue, no children for an excellent variety of years. However the folks which can be on-line posting, yeah, you’re a dink, dude. You’re dinking round. It’s fascinating. I’ve stated this earlier than on the parenting facet, I’ve stated this at a Fierce Households Convention. As a result of there’s commoditization of kids, that they’ve turn into a way of life selection.

Selena: Yeah. Properly, howdy, abortion.

Ryan: I bought lit up on-line, which I like it. I’m fantastic with it. You understand, it’s humorous as a result of half the time I’m trolling as a result of I do know what buttons and I wish to push the buttons generally. Properly, as a result of the folks… yeah.

Selena: Okay.

Ryan: And what I talked about, I stated, it occurred to me as a result of… right here’s how foolish it was. Okay. I couldn’t discover the charger for a laptop computer, you understand, the twine and the little factor that goes within the wall. I regarded in every single place and I am going to our 7-year-old daughter, I stated, “Em, have you ever seen the laptop computer charger?” And she or he goes, “Oh, yeah, it’s buried on this bin of toys.” I don’t know the way it bought in there, however she knew precisely the place it was. And she or he’s like a beeline. She went to it, bought it and gave it to me. And I checked out her, I stated, Wow, the sluggish and harmful behind-the-wheel youngsters most cancers function.

Selena: He’s quoting a film.

Ryan: I’m quoting Dumb and Dumber. If you happen to didn’t get that reference, he’s speaking about previous folks within the film. However I checked out her and I stated, “You might be legitimately… I already worth you. You tangibly deliver worth to our family due to these little kinds of issues.” Then I take into consideration once they go and get eggs from the chickens or they assist make breakfast within the morning or we work on shops collectively. They convey-

Selena: They willingly do these items and fortunately do these items. Like they arrive to us. And it’s extra of us attempting to navigate the time it takes and power and mess quite than… We’re not at all times like-

Ryan: However they really assist. And this isn’t a brand new idea. It goes all the way in which again to biblical occasions. Children are an asset. They’re precise property. Now, individuals are in all probability going to… They’re in all probability going to touch upon this video now. However I stated that, I stated on this… it was on Fb. I stated, “You understand what? What dad and mom with out children who’re contemplating children must know is that, sure, children are a blessing, however they’re tangibly including worth to your loved ones. They’re not only a internet unfavourable is what I used to be attempting to say.” And you understand what? Some-

Selena: Some feminist particular person.

Ryan: Some feminist factor shared it on her web page or their neighborhood or no matter. And I had all these folks flooding in and I used to be simply having the time of my life.

Selena: All these girls. One was like a cat rescuer or one thing like that. Anyhow, I shouldn’t go there.

Ryan: Sufficient stated. However they had been satisfied that I used to be a toddler laborer and I used to be exploiting our youngsters for labor. And I used to be telling folks, you want to have your children for youngster labor. That’s what they thought.

Selena: Nowhere within the poster or something that it say that. After all, we don’t consider in that. Whats up, we’re homeschoolers. We’re wanting them to be exterior and breathe recent air and play and run and do all of the issues children ought to be doing.

Ryan: Properly, that’s the fantastic thing about not caring what they suppose or feeling like I’ve to justify myself to them.

Selena: No, completely.

Ryan: However the level right here is that the enemy would have us as married {couples} consider that youngsters are something apart from what God stated they had been. And God clearly says youngsters are a blessing. Interval. Now, how are they a blessing? Properly, it’s so that you can determine that out. However tangibly they’re a blessing just by being… Like several guardian who has a toddler in biblical marriage goes to take a look at that youngster and say, reward God. I can’t consider this miracle-

Selena: They’re a blessing on so many ranges, emotionally, spiritually, bodily. Like, sure, they take rather a lot from you, however you bought to die to your self as a way to simply come alive in Christ. These are the kinds of we want youngsters in our lives to show us these issues, to bang out the sanctification and sanctify us, proper? The sin and the darkness that’s in us.

So God offers us youngsters as a blessing. They don’t seem to be a way of life selection. And possibly they began out that approach, however I’ll be right here to inform you that after you have them and you may’t return, it’s such a blessing and it’s such an exquisite factor. You’ll transfer from that life-style selection. Not less than I pray that.

Ryan: And smart {couples} would perceive that earlier than they’ve children. We weren’t that smart. We wanted to have children to know what that meant. Okay. This subsequent one. “If Devil took up marriage counseling, he would need husbands to be passive of their management and wives to be so upset in that lack of management that they really feel justified in failing to respect their husbands. He would need wives to find out that submission is a mark of weak point and that whether it is given in any respect, it ought to be given solely when it’s earned. He would need husbands to deal with their wives harshly as an alternative of gently and to precise fixed disappointment quite than delight.”

Selena: It’s fascinating that he hits a few of the tendencies that I feel we will all replicate on in our personal marriage and within the roles that God’s given us. I did a chat at our Fierce Households Convention about power and submission and the way there’s some discomfort and ache generally it seems like in submission, however it’s not the submission that’s inflicting that, it’s our sin waging battle towards obedience of what God has known as us to do as a spouse. And meaning submitting.

Like you might be coming below the mission of your husband. You might be submitting, coming below that mission. And even, you understand, we talks about that. So should you flip the script, we’ve been doing this rather a lot and speaking. So if I’m desirous to be beloved, proper, but when I’m, you understand, nailing it, I’m on a streak. I’m doing actually good right now. I haven’t sinned a lot. I’m actually lovable. Actually lovable. Like it is best to love me rather a lot. It’s best to love me greater than you often love me on most days. Proper? Isn’t that the way it works? Proper?

Ryan: Positive.

Selena: So insert submission, proper? So should you’re appearing in a approach that’s not worthy of my submission, like, do I nonetheless submit? Since you’re not deserving of it actually.

Ryan: I’ll say this one other approach, as a result of I feel that is the purpose you’re making. If males beloved their wives when their wives solely deserved it, how heinous would that be? As a result of what’s the decision in Ephesians 5? Males love your wives as Christ beloved the church and provides Himself as a sacrifice for her.

Selena: Wives undergo your husbands.

Ryan: Wives undergo your husbands as below the Lord. Properly, does the Lord deserve your submission at all times?

Selena: He does.

Ryan: That’s the way you submit as below the Lord.

Selena: All the time. All the time.

Ryan: So that you undergo your husband in the identical approach. Now that doesn’t… all of the caveats. Okay. It doesn’t imply that your husband could be only a full flight. He must do the primary half. Love your spouse as Christ has beloved.

Selena: He’s submitting to Christ first in addition to required.

Ryan: Yeah. How heinous would it not be if I simply stated, “I’m not going to like you right now as a result of…dumb.

Selena: However I’m doing so good. I’m so lovable.

Ryan: Properly, should you’re lovable, I’ll love you. However as quickly as you cease being lovable, then neglect about it. That’s not any approach to dwell a wedding. Devil would love so that you can consider that it’s.

Selena: Sure.

Ryan: Okay. Let’s do that final one. “If Devil took up marriage counseling, he would need even Christians to focus extra on the struggles and difficulties of marriage than on its joys. He would need even Christians to speak typically about how laborious it’s and rarely about how good it’s. And he would most definitely need Christians to neglect all concerning the actuality that the deepest that means of marriage shouldn’t be first a few husband and spouse however about Christ and his church.”

Selena: Amen. Amen.

Ryan: So he would need you to get your eye off the ball.

Selena: Properly, and I feel that we generally tend to do this. Even in simply regular conversations, not even about marriage, proper? We’re so susceptible to complaining and grumbling and, oh, I want, you understand, it was simpler, no matter, as an alternative of leaning into what the Lord may be attempting to do in your coronary heart, in your marriage. Proper? So sure, now we have struggles, however hey, you understand what? We had a extremely nice time doing this, or we actually related over this dialog that often is de facto laborious.

And that is the place I feel brothers and sisters in Christ actually come into play. I imply, only recently I used to be in a position to simply textual content to my sisters in Christ and say, “Hey, I’m fighting the scenario.” And it wasn’t with you. It was simply different issues that had been occurring. “I may use prayer. Right here’s the place my coronary heart is.”

They usually simply wrote again and stated, “Sure, we perceive that’s difficult. Possibly the Lord is attempting to develop you on this space. What’s he attempting to do? How will you love on this scenario?” After which when it does occur, I can return to them and say, Reward God. Like He did reply my prayers. He answered your prayers. I used to be in a position to not simply fall right into a spiral of how tough and horrible issues are. God is sweet. And He confirmed me the fun which can be set earlier than me.

That may be our prayer I feel as Christians in marriage that sure, we’re right here, Fierce Marriage, we’re speaking concerning the struggles, however extra so we wish to be pointing you to Christ, speaking concerning the goodness and blessings that God has given us via marriage, via household, via youngsters.

There are blessings and joys which can be deeper than we will even start to debate on this podcast. And we’re consistently… I don’t know. I really feel convicted to be like, yeah, we simply must do an entire month on why marriage is the very best and speak about all the nice elements of marriage. Or have folks write in, like, what’s your favourite half about marriage?

Ryan: You possibly can write in with out asking. You possibly can truly inform us. I’m satisfied, I’m actually satisfied that the cheat code to marriage, the cheat code to life is gratitude and contentment born from having a proper view of God’s goodness in no matter it’s He’s put you in.

Selena: Amen.

Ryan: It’s the cheat code for all the pieces. For struggling, for marriage, for parenting, for vocation, for manhood, womanhood, for all the pieces. By beholding God and the way He’s designed the factor or purposed the factor that He’s put you in. After which as a response of beholding God, say, thanks, Lord, and I’m content material. Why am I content material? Not due to the circumstance, not as a result of my spouse is ideal and he or she’s doing all of the issues I feel she ought to do, however as a result of He’s God and He has performed what God does and He’s reliable and trustworthy and good.

The enemy would love so that you can neglect about God’s goodness. He would love so that you can neglect that marriage is sweet. And he would love so that you can suppose that your opinions of marriage matter greater than God’s opinions of marriage or God’s design for it. Does God have opinions? I don’t suppose He has opinions. He simply has decrees.

Selena: I used to be like, I don’t suppose opinions is simply good with the correct phrase.

Ryan: It feels a little bit squishy, I’ll say that.

Selena: Sure.

Ryan: However anyway, should you don’t know who that God that I’ve simply described-

Selena: Squishy.

Ryan: If you happen to’ve by no means thought of who you might be earlier than God and that He’s good and you aren’t, we’re right here to possibly put that mirror in entrance of you and say, take a look at this holy good God, the creator God, the right originator of all the pieces. And also you stand earlier than Him as anyone who has lied, who has possibly stolen, who has possibly had hateful ideas or the lustful ideas, if not dedicated acts of lust. You’re a sinner earlier than an ideal God. What are you going to do? What do you do?

Properly, you ask Him to have mercy. If He decides to, He’ll. However right here’s the factor. He already has given mercy and He’s performed it via His son, Jesus Christ on the cross. That complete story is so that you can unpack. If you happen to don’t know who Christ is, you want to know Christ. To do this, we advocate you discover a good friend who’s a Christian. If in case you have one, say, Present me Jesus.

Selena: “Inform me about Jesus.”

Ryan: Are you able to inform me about Jesus? Can we learn the Bible collectively? Quantity two, discover a church that preaches out of the Bible and can train you who Christ is from the pulpit. And should you don’t have easy accessibility to both of these issues, now we have a web site that may even provide help to to this. It’s We encourage you to examine that out.

Let’s pray. Father, thank You for the reward of marriage. Thank You that You’ve got given us fact to dispel all method of lies that the enemy would have us consider. I pray that You’ll give us eyes to see the lies that we’ve believed. Assist us to reject these. Assist us to repent of our perception in these lies and as an alternative flip our perception to You and to offer You our full perception and our belief. And will we act on it as we place it on You.

Lord, I pray for the {couples} who’re struggling, You’ll strengthen them, give them a path ahead, put folks of their lives that can lead and information them again to a residing water, again to Your phrase. And I pray that in consequence, they might discover pleasure that they’ve by no means had earlier than, they might discover peace they’ve by no means had earlier than. I pray that they might discover closeness to 1 one other, closeness to you, that they might flourish for the remainder of their lives. It’s by Your grace and by the blood of your Son, Jesus, we pray. Amen.

Selena: Amen.

Ryan: All proper. Thanks for becoming a member of us as soon as once more for the podcast. If you happen to’d prefer to assist us, we’d be honored. Once more, we’re so blessed. And I simply am utterly blown away every time somebody joins the Fierce Fellowship. Is that what you name it?

Selena: Yeah.

Ryan: So go to We’d be honored to have you ever there. That stated, this episode of the Fierce Marriage podcast is—

Selena: Within the can.

Ryan: We’ll see you once more in about seven days. Till subsequent time—

Selena: Keep fierce.

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