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Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in need of the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

Does the world really feel a bit of too loud, a bit of too brilliant, or a bit of an excessive amount of for you or your little one? You’re undoubtedly not alone. Many individuals battle with sensory overload, anxiousness, and bother focusing. Right here at Eddins Counseling, we get it, and we need to give you some hope with a revolutionary remedy referred to as the Protected and Sound Protocol (SSP).

Think about a world the place loud noises don’t ship your little one into meltdowns, the place brilliant lights don’t trigger overwhelm, and crowded locations really feel rather less scary. What in case you might lastly deal with that essential challenge at work with out getting sidetracked, and on a regular basis duties felt much less daunting?  Think about with the ability to handle your feelings and navigate nerve-racking conditions with extra ease.

SSP can assist make this a actuality!

What’s SSP and the way does it work?

Consider SSP as a form of light retraining in your ears and nervous system. It makes use of specifically designed music with particular frequencies and patterns. These sounds aren’t like your typical music; they’re created to focus on the auditory processing pathways in your mind. By gently stimulating these pathways, SSP can assist your mind develop into higher at filtering out distractions and processing info extra successfully.

This improved processing is linked to the nervous system. Our nervous system has two essential components: the sympathetic nervous system, which is liable for our fight-or-flight response, and the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps us chill out and settle down. SSP is assumed to work by stimulating the vagus nerve, a key participant within the parasympathetic nervous system. By activating this nerve, SSP can assist your physique swap out of fight-or-flight mode and right into a extra relaxed state.

Science behind the calm

Girl struggling with sensory overload

SSP relies on Polyvagal Principle, which proposes an enchanting connection between the nervous system and our notion of security. This principle means that our nervous system has a built-in hierarchy, with totally different circuits controlling our reactions to threats. On the prime of this hierarchy is the social engagement system, which depends on the vagus nerve. Once we really feel protected and safe, this method is activated, permitting us to attach with others and course of info calmly.

Nonetheless, after we understand hazard, the physique strikes down the hierarchy to extra primitive survival modes. If escape appears unimaginable, we would freeze in place, a state mediated by the dorsal vagal complicated. In probably the most excessive conditions, the sympathetic nervous system takes over, triggering the fight-or-flight response.

By stimulating the vagus nerve, SSP is assumed to assist activate the social engagement system, selling emotions of security and well-being. This may result in a cascade of advantages.

Advantages of the relief response:

These are a few of the key enhancements you could possibly expertise because of the SSP protocol:

Diminished Anxiousness 

Fixed anxiousness and feeling on edge could be extremely draining. SSP can assist your nervous system shift out of fight-or-flight mode and right into a calmer, extra regulated state. This may manifest as a lower basically worries, much less bodily stress, and a better sense of interior peace.

Improved Focus and Consideration 

Do you ever really feel like your thoughts is consistently bombarded with distractions?  SSP can assist practice your mind to raised filter out irrelevant info and deal with the duty at hand. This may result in elevated productiveness, improved focus whereas learning or working, and a sharper general cognitive capability.

Enhanced Emotional Regulation 

Feeling overwhelmed by feelings is usually a actual battle. SSP can equip you with the instruments to handle your feelings in a more healthy approach. You would possibly discover it simpler to establish your feelings, reply to them calmly, and keep away from emotional outbursts.

Diminished Meltdowns and Anxiousness in Youngsters  

For youngsters who battle with sensory overload or anxiousness, SSP can assist them really feel safer and safer of their surroundings. This may result in fewer meltdowns, a lower in anxious behaviors, and a extra constructive general emotional state.

Fewer Panic Assaults  

Panic assaults could be debilitating and horrifying. SSP can assist scale back the frequency and depth of panic assaults by calming the nervous system’s fight-or-flight response. This may result in a big enchancment in high quality of life and a lower in general anxiousness.

Stronger Social Interplay Expertise  

Anxiousness and issue processing sensory info could make social conditions very nerve-racking. By selling emotions of calmness and bettering emotional regulation, SSP could make social interactions much less overwhelming. You would possibly end up feeling extra snug connecting with others, participating in dialog, and forming deeper social bonds.

These are simply a few of the potential advantages of SSP.  Everybody experiences this remedy in a different way, and the outcomes could differ. Nonetheless, the analysis on SSP is promising, and it might be a useful software that can assist you or your little one discover better calm, focus, and well-being.

Success Story: A calmer classroom for John

Think about the aid for folks who fear continuously about their little one’s outbursts in class. This was the fact for John’s dad and mom. John, a 10-year-old with autism, struggled with intense feelings and meltdowns, making his classroom expertise overwhelming for him and his academics. 

In response to case research by Built-in Listening Programs, after taking part within the SSP program, John’s occupational therapist witnessed a dramatic shift. John turned noticeably calmer within the classroom, managing his frustration and anger with far better ease. This not solely made John’s college days much less nerve-racking but additionally created a extra constructive studying surroundings for his classmates and academics. 

John’s story is a robust instance of how SSP can empower youngsters on the spectrum to navigate their feelings and expertise the world round them with extra confidence and openness.

Success Story: A lunch date for Anna

Anna desperately craved a world the place on a regular basis sounds didn’t set off intense anxiousness and rage. Easy noises like chewing, sniffling, and even respiratory might ship her right into a spiral. This was the fact for Anna, a 40-year-old lady battling each Misophonia (sensitivity to particular sounds) and OCD. As described on this case examine, Anna’s Misophonia turned so extreme that it restricted her capability to depart the home and even pressured her to take a work-from-home job. 

Nonetheless, after present process the SSP protocol, Anna skilled a life-changing transformation. She reported feeling considerably calmer and was even in a position to take pleasure in lunch with associates for the primary time in years, with no need to put on noise-canceling headphones! 

Anna’s story exemplifies the ability of SSP to assist folks overcome overwhelming sensory sensitivities and reclaim their lives from the grip of tension.

Solutions to your questions

Are there any negative effects related to SSP?

SSP is usually thought of a protected and well-tolerated intervention.  Some folks could expertise gentle, momentary negative effects like fatigue or headache throughout the preliminary classes. These sometimes subside shortly because the physique adjusts to this system. It’s essential to speak any considerations to your therapist.

Is there any scientific analysis to assist SSP?

Sure, there’s a rising physique of analysis on SSP. This system relies on Polyvagal Principle, developed by Dr. Stephen Porges. This principle proposes a connection between the nervous system, significantly the vagus nerve, and our notion of security.

Research on SSP have proven promising outcomes for varied circumstances. As an illustration, a 2014 examine revealed within the Worldwide Journal of Psychophysiology by Porges et al. demonstrated the constructive results of SSP on social communication in youngsters with autism spectrum dysfunction (ASD). One other examine revealed within the Journal of Autism and Developmental Problems in 2020 by Bieleninik et al. discovered that SSP improved auditory processing and emotional regulation in adults with ASD.

It’s essential to notice that SSP analysis is ongoing, and extra research are wanted to completely perceive its long-term results for varied populations. Nonetheless, the present analysis suggests SSP presents a promising strategy for bettering nervous system regulation and general well-being.

What are the long-term results of SSP?

Whereas analysis on SSP’s long-term results is ongoing, present research recommend it could possibly result in lasting enhancements in varied areas. Right here’s a take a look at some promising findings:

  • Diminished Anxiousness: A 2017 pilot examine revealed within the journal Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience by Neufeld et al. investigated the consequences of SSP on anxiousness in adults. The examine discovered that individuals who underwent the SSP protocol confirmed vital reductions in anxiousness scores in comparison with the management group.
  • Improved Focus and Consideration: Analysis suggests SSP could improve auditory processing, which might result in higher focus and a focus. A 2014 examine by Bieleninik et al. within the Journal of Autism and Developmental Problems discovered that adults with ASD who underwent SSP confirmed enhancements in auditory processing abilities.
  • Enhanced Emotional Regulation: Research recommend SSP can promote emotional regulation by stimulating the vagus nerve, which performs a key position within the parasympathetic nervous system’s calming response.  A 2014 examine by Porges et al. revealed within the Worldwide Journal of Psychophysiology indicated constructive results of SSP on emotional regulation in youngsters with ASD.

It’s essential to do not forget that particular person outcomes could differ, and extra long-term research are wanted to definitively decide SSP’s lasting results. Nonetheless, the present analysis suggests SSP has the potential to offer long-lasting enhancements in anxiousness, focus, emotional regulation, and sensory processing, resulting in an general enhanced high quality of life.

What occurs throughout a typical SSP session?

Throughout a typical SSP session, you’ll hearken to specifically designed music by way of headphones in a cushty surroundings. The therapist will monitor your progress and regulate this system as wanted. Periods sometimes final for 30-45 minutes.

Can SSP be accomplished at house? 

Sure,  you possibly can hearken to the SSP program at house as a part of your remedy plan. Nonetheless, this ought to be accomplished below the steering of an authorized therapist who will create a personalised protocol and monitor your progress.

Is SSP a substitute for conventional remedy plans?

No, SSP shouldn’t be a substitute for conventional remedy plans. It’s thought of a complementary remedy that can be utilized alongside treatment, remedy, or different interventions to enhance general well-being.

Is SSP best for you?

Whereas SSP presents a spread of advantages, it’s not essentially a one-size-fits-all answer. Right here’s a breakdown that can assist you determine if it is likely to be a great match for you:

  1. Do you or your little one have one of many following circumstances: Anxiousness, Autism, or ADHD?
  2. For those who don’t have a identified situation, do you or your little one battle with anxiousness, overwhelm, or have issue focusing?
  3. Are you open to complementary remedy? For those who’re open to exploring different approaches to managing well-being, SSP might be value contemplating.

We, at Eddins Counseling, have seen wonderful outcomes with SSP, and we’d be joyful to talk with you to discover if it might be the important thing to unlocking a calmer, extra centered, and happier you.

Able to take step one?

Schedule a session with Eddins Counseling at the moment! We’ll speak about your distinctive wants and see if SSP might be the important thing to a world full of extra calm and pleasure. 

Don’t wait any longer to search out the peace and potential you deserve. Name us at 832-559-2622 or e-book a session to study extra about SSP. We stay up for serving to you create a brighter future!


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